+10% and -10% Limit buttons on Stock Purchase/Sells


The byword for US Stocks since COVID, is volatility.

Sometimes, by the time you have clicked SELL/PURCHASE on a stock, and then worked out on your calculator what limit you want to use according to the current price, the stock has already moved out of the limit zone and you have to recalculate what your new limit should be. All this is time lost, from 20 seconds to 1 minutes sometimes, and, more often than not, an opportunity lost.

I would like to suggest therefore that on the LIMIT screen, you introduce 4 presets that one can quickly click on before doing a BUY/SELL. I suggest that those presets should be, on the left, -15% and -10%, and on the right, +10% and + 15%.

Ideally you could even have 6 presets : -15%, -10%, -5% and +5%, +10%, +15%.


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