£100 Challenge 2023!

On the r/CanaryWharfBets Discord we’re running the £100 Challenge again. Anyone can join and the challenge is to generate the highest return starting with just £100, with the winner being crowned at the end of 2023!

Here’s the link to join the Discord: r/CanaryWharfBets

Last year was great fun, we had a lot of ups and downs with about 20 people playing. Think you’re a good trader/investor? Put it to the test.

Here’s last years results, with the winner finishing with an account value of £352.10 and some spectacular blow-ups from other players along the way.


Wish I had 100 GBP laying around to take part haha :smiley: Sadly not this time :frowning: Have fun!

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How do you track it? (Any sells or buys)

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You have to post every trade in the discord, we have a channel for them. Seems to work pretty well. Come and join!

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No worries, we had someone play with like £10 I think last year. Makes it a bit more of a challenge! But still fun to play :blush:

I think, that I will try that!