A Better Synthetic World ETF Needed! (MXWS)

WHilst reviewing the offering on Trading 212, I’ve seen a glaring ommission; please could you add INVESCO MSCI WORLD UCITS ETF - ticker (MXWS)?

You already have the same fund with a different ticker (MXWO), but this is an inferior product for UK investors.

For one, MXWS is in GBP while MXWO is priced in USD, but more importantly, the bid/offer spread seems to be consistently greater on MXWO. MXWS would be the cheaper option for investors.

Most importantly of all - this needs to be added to the Pie feature, as this synthetic fund is a great core to any world portfolio, which helps to avoid certain dividend withholding taxes.

Ben - of MoneyUnshackled.com and the Money Unshackled YouTube channel


Second this, can you also add iShares MSCI World Small Cap. Ticker - WLDS

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Same here, please. MXWS would be fantastic to see.

Yes, please add MXWS and WLDS.