A feature To Hide Or Archive Instruments you are holding for long

I would like to suggest a feature to hide or archive a stock you want to hide for long, for example a year or couple months… there is no need to see it everyday in that case, especially when it sometimes goes in the red but you know it’s a good stock… just brings anxiety…


This sounds exactly like a Coffee Can Portfolio.

In simple words, one selects a list of stocks or funds and invests in them, and then literally forgets about it.

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Exactly, check them a year or 2 when you are having a bad day… or when you remember them or see news on them

Maybe just a function to hide a pie but it’s still listed in your pies would be a good idea?
Not sure how the total amount invested area would look though.
If you were making monthly deposits you wouldn’t be able to check if there actually getting actioned though, or if a company goes under

I was thinking about the total return… but we could split it into 2. your long term investments returns and short term… so that you can track both easily

Probably sounds more like the need for a lifetime isa, with this being separate to other investments via the cfd invest isa and then lisa areas

I for one would love a lifetime isa on t212 it would de stress me from my long investments

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