About the Cfd platform

Hello, I have seen here that scalping is forbidden ( open a position for less than 5 minute ) I had like 3 positions that you can consider scalping ( -5min ), but i have seen is ok if is not regular ( what is considered regular ) and what can happend to your account if you still do this often is a warning or maybe you have to pay ?

But day trading is ok ?
I want to know if this is forbidden too I tried to find an answer on other posts but nothing clear for me.
If i open like 5-10 positions a day on different currency or idex and let them open for 5+ minutes is ok ? I have maybe to pay a fee if i have more than 5-10 position a month or a day ? ( to my knowledge i don’t have to pay even if i have 100 but i could be wrong )
I still don’t know what can i do and what i can’t do so if someone knows i will be grateful :slight_smile: