Account currency conversion

If your account currency is on euro and you buy dollar stocks, while converting money does t212 get any commission?

Also, how is the conversion done and is it better to just focus on stocks with the same currency?


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As stated on this page Trading 212 takes no commission on currency exchange. This is great compared to other brokers who can charge 0.1% to as much as 1.5%. There is a buy/sell spread, but this is very small. Smaller than what you see on the CFD currency pairs. E.g.

It is perfectly rational to invest in instruments in other currencies. For example, a euro account holder will see insignificant difference between returns from VWCE, VWRA, VWRP despite these being priced in euros, dollars and pounds. You should certainly consider buying shares in companies like MSFT and AAPL.

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