Accumulating ETF help with Distributions calculations!

Hello all

I have these two ETF

they are both accumulating and in Australia, I have to declare the distributions from the two at the end of the financial year

I’m literally going crazy because I can’t find any info in regards of the yearly distributions

Anyone can help me

They are accumulating. There is no distribution.
Dividend perceived by the fund are reinvested according to the funds’ allocation, and nothing gets distributed to the investor; which is most likely what your tax authorities are after.

That being said, it is true that ETFs are tax pass-through vehicles, and it is possible to still be (tax-)liable for the held companies’ dividends.

I would advise first seeking assistance from a tax advisor from your country, and if they confirm such, then use the contact information for the funds in order to get the tax documents required.

This sounds just like the funds’ distributions, then there is your answer;

Accumulating funds don’t have distributions. That is how they differ from their Distributing counterparts.

They do usually offer a distribution certificate though if you buy them direct - even though they are accumulating.

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Sounds like you’re talking about Excess Reportable Income.

In which case, yes, you have to declare it. It is not the “dividend” per se. It is the dividend(s) (within the fund) that are not entirely distributed (despite it being Accumulating – weird concept, I know). This ‘excess’ is deemed to be paid out (and therefore taxed) to the shareholders. HMRC are clamping down on this. So make sure you report it.

Any way, If you Google for iShares Excess Reportable you’d end up with data like this

iShares MSCI World Small Cap
01-06-2020 to 30-06-2021
0.0585 usd

So if you held IE00BF4RFH31 at all in the latest quoted period (doesn’t have to align with the latest Tax Year) then ‘technically’ got a 0.0585 per share ‘distribution’

Why don’t @Team212 @Bogi.H provide you this data on your Annual Consolidated Tax Certificate they (should?) provide you?