Add gitlab stock for trading

Can we have gitlab please? Their IPO was yesterday.

Hey @lordxenu - sadly it was missed yesterday due to a timing issue between T212 checking with their intermediary and the iternediary adding the stock to their own platform.

Should be added today no trouble;

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wow awesome. thanks Joey!!

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hmm… a search for GTLB says no results on T212.

Keep an eye on the post I shared - one of the T212 staff will add a reply once the requested IPOs are added. I’d guess it’ll be in the afternoon some time.

Just a heads up, depending on their availability, it could be after the US session starts, but they are very good at adding same day as the IPO post, so hopefully doesn’t imapct your calm too much :wink: . :+1:t2:

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Please add GitLab (GTLB) Nasdaq stocks.