Add RXMD penny exempt stock

RXMD is penny stock exempt. I’ve seen a couple of requests for this to be added back in early Feb but was not actioned. Can you please add?

@David Please can you add RXMD. There have been a couple of requests in the last month. The stock is Penny Stock Exempt.

it’s market cap is in the tens of millions so its highly likely that T212 may deem it too small or illiquid to bring in under the current circumstances.

we are also waiting for a lot of normal stocks to be added from each exchange, so favouring the horde of penny stock requests isn’t really a great approach for the platform either.

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There’s always an excuse to not add it right? First “needs to be penny stock exempt” then too illiquid. Nah, they need to add like, now.

No they really don’t :joy:

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