Add this stocks ADMP , DSS , CHFS

add $ADMP , $DSS , $CHFS people keep requesting this! Come on add something I request also.

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What does it take yo add them untill monday? Please

Stop and manage your expectations, adding stocks is not T212’s priority. Search the forum if you need to know why.

You’re in a queue, they’ll get added when they get added.

Your emergency is not their priority.

What you are saying does not make any sense. Can’t a company as big as them focus on more things at the same time? What are we talking about here!? C’mon people dont even request like a huge number of stocks per day. Its not like they have to add 1000 new stocks a day.

Yeah of course they can and are.

  • 2 Factor Security
  • Autoinvest and Pies
  • Trailing stops
  • Making every stock fractional for pies
  • Adding IPOs
  • Training new staff after the Covid influx
  • Compliance
  • Bug fixing

Are all more important then adding a few stock you want.

Now learn to practice a bit of patience. Good things come to those who wait.


Thing is I usually miss the hype train on this penny stocks and now its really easy to make a buck on them.

Fair enough.

If you’re making guaranteed money on them why not pay some broker fees and use HL for example? If it’s guaranteed easy money just take the broker fees at elsewhere as a cost of doing business? Rather then missing out on the really easy quick money and being disappointed here.

@David @Martin @PeterA @George Hi guys, please could you look to add NASDAQ’s $CHFS - CHF Solutions (other two are active). Based on the charts CHFS could potentially see a breakout, would be really happy if we can trade this before that event happens.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: sorry, should have made it clear - please add to Invest/ISA