Address verification - ✅ Solved

I have wrongly registered my account, with wrong street number. Now, my bank statement verification was rejected.
I have emailed to to ask to change my registration address, together with my photo holding the my ID , and bank statement, both of them have correct street number.

Is this enough? should i contact instead?

Thank you,
BR// Ady.

I had a similar issue with my email address and am still waiting for a response

Hi, i got a reply from customer service, they did not accept bank statement, as it doesn’t have stamp and signature on every page. I will try again tomorrow, and update .

@andrianu90 From what I can see your account is now fully active. Wishing you successful trades :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Thank you Michael. Customer care directed me to provide correct documents.

As I said, if bank statement is printed by bank, there MUST be a stamp on each page, plus name and signature of bank worker.

Best Regards, Andrian.