AFC energy to hit £1?

I have been following this stock for about a year now and they are really close to becoming commercial (in my opinion) They have made great milestones this year such as

  • confirmed a sale to a German energy campus
  • have one of a kind off-grid technology patent
  • have strong investment backing
  • (the big one) have an endorsement from Lewis Hamilton in his new Extreme E championship.

Yes I’m biased but I’m really excited about this and want to spread the word🙂

To those who are aware already…what did you buy in at👀? I was 19p.

How does AFC energy relate to Extreme E, can’t make the connection from your post so far?

check out there linkedin profile they have many posts about what there up to there. Also there partnership with ABB

I sold this at 34p thinking it was just an over reaction :joy::joy::joy:. Glad I kept powerhouse and Ceres.

I wasn’t sure for a while. but they have dip’d in many pies this year. I also have a soft spot for the CEO too lol