Alpine 4 Technologies

Did anyone manage to get in on some of that 6000+% returns this bad boy has produced? :money_mouth_face:

Where do you see it going?

I see it’s due to be uplisted to NASDAQ soon …

Guess I should be doing some weekend reading!


I have a very small amount. I think I got on board at $0.19 per share. it had been+2000% but dipped a little in the last week.
I think it has been boosted by the USA blacklisting DJI, and the compny has completed an acquisition of another dronemaker, with talks of others.

I want to hear from @Vedran

Everything in?


Sold my house at 4.13$, all in riding it down to zero.

Luv them red returnz. :roller_coaster:


Who’s still in this stock?

$ALPP is one of my biggest bets (by this I mean risks). Most of my other investments are solid huge companies or ETF’s.

Anyone else still riding this out?

I am staying out of this one, too risky for my taste, especially in this current environment

The stock has just been approved for NASDAQ

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Been accumulating ALPP since last year, bought in at 0.32

Holding 30k shares in it and will carry on holding.

Today is a good day

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