AMC proxy vote (How to participate)

So AMC announced a proxy vote a few days back and I’ve seen some other people on other brokers receive emails saying they can participate in the vote, how does T212 go about that kind of stuff? I’d like to participate too in the voting process.

Official SEC filing:

We aren’t the stocks’ owners, the owner is Trading 212 in the IB books, he are the final beneficiaries, the Trading 212 pass to us the dividends and it is possible to sell our positions.

Meaning no voting rights or no shareholders assemblies for the Trading 212 investors. That rights are reserved to the shareholders, that is this case is Trading 212.

But in their Share Dealing Service document under term 20, there is this mentioned:

20.1. It may be possible for you to participate in a Corporate Action (including but not limited to dividends, voting rights, exercise of any conversion or subscription rights or other types of Corporate Actions attached to Investments we hold on your behalf). We will exercise our best efforts to inform you of such Corporate Actions but we cannot guarantee the timely delivery or correctness of any information provided by us with regards to such Corporate Actions. We are not obliged to but we may arrange for your participation in such Corporate Actions. We do not accept any liability for any actual or potential loss you may suffer if we are unable to facilitate your participation in any Corporate Action.

According to that term it is possible to participate in voting and other corporate events.

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In other stocks, T212 informed about voting rights and shareholder meetings? I didn’t receive any so far.

So should I sent @David @George @Tony.V an email? or just sent an email to support?

Follow the email link in the post. Note that the company may or may not accept that certificate.

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Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply! :+1: