AMC Special Dividend of AMC Preferred Equity Units

AMC has put forth a press release stating that each AMC holder will be getting a 1:1 special dividend split in the form of a new ticker called APE.

I was wondering how T212 will be distributing this and if there is anything that needs to be done on our part or will it be processed automatically by T212.

Press release:

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It’s just a stock split in reality. It will be dealt with in the normal process.

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I’d like to know this too as I have AMC shares in various T212 accounts

But there’s a dividend aspect to it, seems with GME it was messed up too, not 100% sure though

The delivery method is irrelevant so long as you get the item.

Gotcha, so as long as we get our shares in the new APE ticker it should be good?

Well 212 support stock splits, they support preferred shares and have access to the NYSE where the new APE shares will trade, I really don’t see why this wouldn’t be supported.


Gotcha, thank you for the answer!

Nothing like a stock split. It’s a preferred stock APE, it can’t have puts/calls, no shorting strictly buy and sell. If more shares are received than allocation allows, it’s an IOU and an FTD will be registered to the broker/custodian in AMC with settlement in T35. The only reason GME was messed up was because people keep refering it as a stock split, when in fact you have been screwed over.

Why no puts and calls? It’s preferred equity, I’ve seen it done before?

Surely they’ll just trade on a when-issued basis?

Goal posts moving again are they :joy:

Hello :wave: No actions are required on your side to be eligible to receive the special dividend apart from holding AMC stock before market open on the ex-date, 22nd of August 2022.

There’s a piece of additional information on the topic in the article here from our Help Centre.


Hi ! I would like to know what is going to happen to my long position on AMC after the dividend, please. I can’t find any answer on this.

Hey, @ADRIANN. The event won’t affect your open position - the amount of AMC shares you hold will remain the same.

Thanks for reply but I think it will affect my long position, being on CFD, after the dividend being another ticker called APE, let’s say for example AMC is $20, when APE gets listed will be worth $4. That means AMC would be $16. Or another example, AMC price is $20, APE gets listed at $10 so that means AMC would be $10. That means after AMC issue the dividend ( APE ) , my long position will suffer from the price changes, that’s why I would like to know what T212 will do about AMC positions on CFD. Thank you very much and hope you understand what I mean. Have a nice day !

Hey, @ADRIANN. On CFD, such events are executed as cash adjustments, meaning that you will receive payment to neutralize the negative price movement of the instrument resulting from the Spin-off. Nevertheless, as the event is still pending, we will keep you posted if there are any changes. :pray:

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@Michael.M I haven’t got my APE Shares yet in my Trading212 Account

Same here, nothing received

No APE shares received yet. These should have been paid on 19th of august and distributed today at market opens

Hey, everyone.

APE shares have been distributed to eligible shareholders.

Recieved mine in the last 5 mins, be patient they are coming