Any reason why the pie got reset?

It looks like you reset treebas aswell.

I’m not bothered, I really don’t feel like it should have been up there, but I would be interested to know the reason.

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I’ve just realised all the of comments have been deleted as well.
I feel like that is a bit unfair, I was having conversations with people on there!

I’m not sure why, did you maybe update the pie in anyway? Like change an allocation?

Nope :confused:
I noticed treebas ark is off second too.

And there was another German one which is missing.

Fyi it’s this one…

I have no idea what happened. I’m sure they’ll be able to reinstate the previous numbers. I moved up quite a lot of places so a good few above must have been reset too

I had the Ark one saved and it’s not saved anymore, so something weird happened

I think they reset pies every few days. Too early to know.

That seems counter productive.

Data loss, working on bringing them back from backups. Sorry!

Only the top 10 pies were affected.

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@Wit whilst you are here, is there a limit on description length or a bug in display?

Not sure what you mean?

So on the shared pies if you write a description too long when you go to expand it to read it’s blank.

@Wit quick example


Give your device, not an issue on IOS

@CavanHaganInvesting could be an Android only issue then. Are you seeing the full long description then on iOS?

Same issue inside the pie edit, has the length of the text but in white I assume as it takes a few scrolls to see the stats below.

Thanks man.
Any chance you’re going to change the list sort as copies?
I feel like that would be a better measure than just the person who has the most views.

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Yes it’s all fine

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:thinking: I can see that though, @cavanhagan can you try my American Pie

Works for me still

On android app.