Anybody else had trouble with instant bank transfer

i have made several instant bank transfers and all have gone through very quickly today the money is shown leaving my bank but not arriving in t212 account??


Same here. Money has left my account but nothing in my Trading 212 free funds.


i have withdrawn money from my trading212 account. the money has arrived in my bank. however my amount of money in my 212 account remains the same…should i be happy or worried ?


Haha, time for celebrations.


thank you seems to be an issue t212 end ???

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Same for me made a instant back transfer, left my back but not showing in my 212 account


Same, made an instant transfer confirmed done with bank but nothing in T212 yet. All worked fine previously. Very worrying considering all the market craziness at the moment. @Team212 @David @T212_help


money is now in invest account sadly too late to invest in a few shares i had looked at as the price had dropped quite nicely eg gsk to name but one . Just to say didnt hear back from t212 as of yet??? guessing they have been swamped with messages as yesterday had trouble as £100 min deposit stopped me trading now fixed

Stuck for me as well. This doesn’t usually happen.

Lol I’m stll waiting :pensive:


And waiting … …

Edit #1: 45 mins later: still waiting
Edit #2: 1h later - nope! Giving up…


Still waiting, its been over 2 hours, this isn’t acceptable.


Yes I’m also having issues, been nearly an hour

Same here, 1h and a half I think. I don’t care. I can wait.

I’m also having this issue, been 3hours for me now. Those of you who had the funds appear, how long did it take?

Been nearly 2 hours after depositing. This is a joke considering US markets close in 12 minutes. I doubt I’m gonna get to trade today.

Edit: 5 hours later and still nothing. Absolutely appalling on T212

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Same here. Let’s hope it gets resolved quickly. If I may conjecture, trading212 has some sort of transaction queue which they use on their backend to process deposits. With an overload of payments, the queue’s order is preserved but they can’t be processed quickly. The money is taken out instantly from the bank account as it should because that is the first leg of the journey so noneed to worry . Source: I work in this implementing a faster payments system.

Hi, I have the same issue, made a transfer at 16:20 UK time and money taken from my bank account, but not shown on the Trading 212 app. Worried !!

Same problem here with instant transfer. Anyone tried direct from a debit card?

Yeah, just made an account to ask question about this, kinda glad I’m not the only one?