Anyone else livid about what's going on?

BABA will be strong long term, it’s just a good buying op.

It’s also nearly over sold so I’m taking a chance and hanging on for another couple days (which I may regret).

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We’re in this one together! There’s always neutral ground.
I’m very concerned about baba short term so much so I spend most of my time researching it but there’s so little info out there at the moment.
All the top people on here seem to think its a definite buy and hold so I’m just listening to them tbh, otherwise I’d have been out earlier this week


As Vedran said it’s about finding the correct entry point, like any stock. Just a bit of patience.

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I’ve bought back in to level out but still its losing ground short term

What are people’s thoughts on GAN?

That went down by $3 after Earnings but honestly…they were not that bad, and they acquired Coolbet which has Sports Betting software that FanDuel has (which has left GAN).

Perhaps the fear of Diluted shares to buy Coolbet? I think long term it will be a big player in the US as it provides the online service of Gambling that the UK already does.,

Home depot didn’t deserve the tanking it got

Nio…yeah. Expected more

Saga continues

Whats the next tanking :sweat_smile: So I don’t miss out on it

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Billibilli was supposed to tank, missed EPs by 7 Percent. Stock went up 22 Percent lol. Jesus.

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JD would be better than baba. Look at the financials and growth. JD has more changes to growth, plus I was living in China for 3 years. Whenever my colleagues have to buy some expensive thing, the prefer JD over BABA because on BABA there are lost of cheaters.

I would say that it is correct that future potential growth(according to analysts) is higher with JD, but the valuation is also at Premium compared to historic valuation.

I set entry limit order @67$ for JD.

If we look at Baba, according to historical valuation, current price is offering discount and margin of safety.

All in all both contain risk of Chinese government and regulations, but for me personally at current valuations, Baba is more attractive.

Baba is the closest thing that comes to AMZN, if it was valued at AMZN level, it would have price target of about 600$… JD, MELI and many others have far higher multiple for valuation then of BABA.


Rightly or wrongly I tend just to stick to the ISA right now as I hate the idea of dealing with tax right now.

Baba is 12.5% overvalues, the fair price would be $230.95. I agree JD is too much overvalued right now and $67 would be just about right.

I am sorry but I have no idea about ISA. Probably because you are American and you still have to pay tax even if you make money in another country!!!

It has high level of debt and since last 3 months there has been lots of insider selling. David Moffett and Peggy Alford together sold around 10k shares.


Reason is insider’s selling. David Obstler, Dev Ittycheria, Dev Ittycheria, Index Ventures SA, Index Ventures SA together sold around 500k shares. The fair share price would be around $54.79 and it is still unprofitable. ROI is expected to be lower than 8% in next 3 years. Return on equity is negative which is -0.8% to be exact. Debt to equity ratio is 60%, which is considered high. Previously they have diluted 2.9% of the shares.

So if you have entered in a really good time. It really makes sense to sell now :wink:

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I’m actually English :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 :joy:

I’m really sorry man :joy_cat: :hahaha

There is no way baba is currently overvalued, the failed ipo should have dropped the stock no more than 7%