Anyone had trouble with Bank Transfer to transfer money in?

I was trying to transfer money from my bank account to Trading212. I made two attempts over a week ago. The money shows it has left my account, but it does not show on my Trading212 account.

I know I had the bank details corrected, as I copy and pasted them, and my bank verified them as belonging to trading212.

Any ideas on what I can do? I emailed trading 212 3 days ago, but they just say they are dealing with it and won’t provide any updates.



I made SEPA payment from Finland. Executed on 7th and hasn’t been credited yet. I emailed on 11th with payment slip attached. Got reply on 12th that it will be forwarded to Finance Department…

Still waiting.


I also made a deposit on 7th and still waiting I already have send email on 13th with payment document got reply a few minutes after with my case will be review in the next few days.

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Same problem here. Deposited money on the 7th but still got no reply till the 14. Anything I could do?

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No problems overhere. Funded twice from the Netherlands using SEPA/IBAN. Three thing you need:

  • IBAN / Bank account number (GBxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Name: Trading 212 UK Ltd
  • Description: the number T212 gives you

First time my account was funded the next day, second time on the same day.

@ode @drpsPT
Your deposits have been located and should already be reflected in your accounts.

@Tommy.j @bigsmile could you check your DMs, please?



Thank you.
Was there some problem causing delay that I could fix in the future from my end?

Hello Theo,

I have the same problem (SEPA, Netherlands, transferred 1 week ago, contacted help desk, no solutions yet). I also checked your Twitter account and there seem to be quite some people complaining about this problem. This is getting me worried, particularly because the online chat is not available anymore. Could you please clarify the situations why there are so many complaints and what is the plan for avoiding these problems in the coming days and for bringing back the online chat?


@ode @wiseman_comment

The delays are temporary and are caused by an immense increase in interest and the volume of payment requests. Optimising the process further and reducing the time required for the deposit to be reflected in your trading account has been our highest priority, so you can rest assured improvements are being implemented as we speak.


Thanks a lot Theo for the explanation. I understand that the introduction of 0.7% fee has encouraged many people to use the bank transfer option and that is causing unforeseen challenges. Just a tip you may be able to follow up on: In The Netherlands, the electronic shops using the iDeal system never charge any transaction fees (they charge transaction fees for credit cards), because iDeal transactions tend to be extremely cheap. Perhaps you can negotiate a similar contract with iDeal?

Thanks @Theo i confirmed i recevied i understand that the change in deposit policies had an influence on the delay

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I received my funds as well. Thanks a lot.

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No. It did not. Maybe because this account isn’t link d to trading 212. Should I give the discription code or something that you could check?

So, I am very disappointed. After posting this thread, @Theo contacted me via DM to ask for my account email address. A day has passed and I’ve got no reply from him.

And now the original support ticket which I submitted 5 days ago and never received any reply to (other than the initial “we are looking into it” message) is now asking me to rate the experience (which I guess must mean the support ticket has been closed).


Update: All sorted now. The money had ended up in the CFD (which I have never used nor planned to use). So if you can’t find your money, check the CFD.

In future I plan to use instant bank transfer as it seems more straight forward.

Although I am bit surprised that this topic has become unlisted…