Anyone know about Norwegian PSU?

Not really sure where else to ask this so was hoping someone here might have some knowledge.

My partner’s been granted some Performance Share Units from the company she works for and I’m not really sure what our next steps should be.

It’s 3 years before the unit vests but what does she need to be able to take possession of the shares? I assume she would have to open a brokerage account with someone who had access to the Norwegian market.

Let me know if anyone has an idea of where we need to start.


Some additional info: Nordic Nanovector ASA - allocation of PSUs (

I do not know much about the topic, but from my experience with share-programs at one’s employer;

I believe your partner’s employer will have a partnership with a local bank, and that bank will hold the shares on their account. There is no need for any brokerage per say, since the shares are non transferable. They cannot be sold on the open market. Your only counterparty will be the employer, and the bank will act as middleman.

But i may be wrong, your situation might differ. :person_shrugging:

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I was hoping to have an update to share but my partner just isn’t that bothered about figuring it all out!
Thanks for your response anyway.

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