Anyone received DRX dividend yet?

Hi all anyone hold DRX (Drax Group) shares from UK? It went ex dividend on 15th May was wondering if anyone has received the dividend payment?


I think you’re confusing the ex date and payout date. Indeed the payout date was the 15th May. The ex was on 23rd April, so check that you owned the stock on the 22nd or before.

I received my dividends for other stocks that paid out in Friday today, so I would suspect that it should have came in Today too but I don’t personally own it myself so I don’t know. Can take up to 3 days though so if you did hold the shares before the ex I would give it a few days to see.
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Hi ya yeah i owned the stock from April 14th and sold when in green on 24th was hoping it be in today will give it a few days 212 says between 7 & 21 days just wanted to see if anyone else holds DRAX Group shares.

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Still no payment anyone know how long 212 normally take my previous was next working day?

Normally takes a few business days and you’ll get a notification.

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Had a reply from customer services…

Thank you for contacting us.

Please note that dividends are paid between 7 and 21 days after the payment date.

If you need any further assistance please let us know.

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WOW up to 21 days thats the longest i’ve come across to receiving dividend payments.

Seems strange, my divs are normally paid after three days