Anyone seen the ADR stock exclusion list?

So T212 is going to on the 1st of Sept remove 90 stocks from ISA platform due to noncompliance with HMRC ISA requirements. Might want to check the list out. NIO surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) is on the list.

Best of luck.

I’m surprised Taiwan Semiconductor is not ADR compliant.

Indeed. There are a few surprises on the list.

Since it’s not our fault, will we get compensation for selling them at a loss. I know this ADR conversation is ongoing in T212 community for a while.

Either we should be compensated for our loss, or technically given sufficient time to sell our stock. T212 took its sweet time to find and approach to us about ADR in ISA.

The solo reason of investing in ISA account is long term play. My ADR has not recovered from its March crash. But give it time it will reach its potential but forcing me to sell out of a position at a loss is not justifiable.

My T212 ISA was planned for a long play. I had to sell my Freetrade shares at a loss to re purchase them in T212 ISA. I took that move considering flexibility and support T212 offered.

I would also like to Quote David said many times in this very community “no one will lose their money due to T212”.

I lost my money Twice with T212 errors.

  1. Once CFD sell order was created without my concern. And the support said the entry was opened by same mobile as buy order.
  2. Reverse Merger on ACB (12 for 1) i had 541.9… pre merger after that I got my rightful 45 shares. Rather than paying me for extra (1.9 share pre-merger or 0.15833 after merger) they took money off my available balance.
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