Are there any investment trusts on Trading 212?

Irish people are taxed up the bum for investing in ETFs, so I was trying to find a better way to invest in funds and came across investment trusts.

Are there any investment trusts on the platform?

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Scottish Mortgage (dull name but tech focused)

And Smithson being arguably the most famous/noteable … buts there’s a few

AIC lists all UK ITs here

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Quick hack at making underlying securities held by Investment Trusts searchable here >>

So to see which LSE listed Investment Trusts holds , for example, Tesla >>>

Thanks, the Scottish one looks pretty good. Plenty of big names in it.

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As an Edinburgh resident I would recommend it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But I also hold a lot of Edinburgh Worldwide IT, Loads by Baillie Gifford ,and Smithson, Merchants, Templeton Emerging…

Scottish Mortgage top 10 holdings…


It’s seems they are all in British Pence. Do Euro investment trusts exist? Can’t find any on the app.

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Euro denominated? You know what? No idea. Off the top of my head I can not think of a major IT that trades natively in Euros.

Just suck up the FX. Won’t be that bad. :wink:

Brexit hasn’t happened yet. Could get bad!

Good hedge for you then :blush:

Any idea how the dividends work? It doesn’t say whether they are Accumulating or Distributing on the T212 app.

SMT? It pays out cash

You can’t go far wrong with SMT. The ongoing fee is reasonable compared to many ITs that charge 1%-plus and fail to beat the market. ATT, which is more expensive and focuses on tech, is also on the platform.

If dividends are more your bag, T212 has some income-focused ITs covering much of the world:

Europe - JETI
Asia Pacific - HFEL
North America - BRNA
Emerging markets - JEFI
Japan - CCJI
Global - MYI

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I’m in SMT and CTY. Both decent.

Only other one singing my name is ATT (Allianz Technology Trust).

After a it of googling I’ve found that the European version of this is called SICAV

From financial times:

A Sicav (Société d’investissement à capital variable) is an open-ended collective investment fund, much like a unit trust or Oeic. And, thanks to changes to EU legislation, these funds can now be marketed across the EU. So, UK investors may come across Sicavs a lot more over the next few years.

There are about 2,000 funds in the UK fund universe and more than 20,000 available across Europe.

I’m having a hard time even googling these SICAV funds. Can’t find a nice list of them like on the UK site a few comments above. I guess I need to google for them in French, which I can’t speak. Any French people here? :slight_smile:

Anybody know anything about these SICAVS?

Yeah. It’s not
‘Variable capital’
ITs are closed ended. Ie. Not variable
SICAVs are more closely identified with UK
Unit Trusts and OEICs. Anything ‘open ended’ . ITs are ‘closed’.
‘Open’ have the luxury of ‘creating’ units or shares. ITs do not. There issuance is finite - like an equity. But they have advantages elsewhere. Google it

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What are your thoughts on Allianz? Seems to be tech heavy just like Scottish Mortgage, but not as spread out around the world.

I’d like to choose one or the other as there’s some overlap in the holdings. They both have similar returns too.

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Tech and Healthcare seem to be the sturdier sectors now and most likely in the near-to-long-term future. If there’s a lot of overlap, it’s all about identifying those outliers and deciding if you want them in your portfolio.

I haven’t done the DD on Allianz yet, but will do in my next round of investing. Holding off for a few weeks as there is too much talk of corrections and Q2 earnings coming next month.

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I’m totally new to these investment trusts. Can you help me decipher this fee structure for Allianz?

Annual Management Charge 0.8% p.a. on market capitalisation up to £400 million and 0.6% p.a. thereafter. In addition there is an admin fee of £55,000 p.a.
Performance Fee calculated as 12.5% of the outperformance of the NAV over the performance period.
Ongoing Charges 0.93%

How does the annual management charge work? 0.8% per year if I invest less than £400 million pounds?

Are those “ongoing charges” annual?

And finally, admin fee of £55,000 p.a ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let’s say I stick £100 in now. At the end of the year they’ll take: 0.93% + 0.8% + maybe another few percent for the performance fee. So … around 2% or £2 per year? Are my maths correct?

@Finki do you know if dividend accumulating investment trust funds exist?

get an address up North and claim a UK passport. Do your taxing via UK instead