ARK ETFs - Top10 compilations 📈

Hey! Sorry to repeat a question I have seen you answer a fair few times now - are. you still updating this GoogleSheet regularly? Really interested in trying out an ARKK pie for myself. Thanks!

sweet chesus… I just noticed ARK-investor-lady is as heavy as myself on NVTA and SQ :open_mouth:


Hey! Yeah I’m still updating this frequently, if you go to the import sheets at the bottom you can see the last import date. Hope this helps!


@treeba @Rygel

How do I hide instruments(stocks) from the pie to not appear in the investment tab?

You can just put your single stocks in separate pies (1 stock per pie), and view them all in Pies tab. Maybe even name the pie the same as the stock name.

That won’t hide the stocks from the Investment tab, everything that is inside a Pie is listed there.

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True true.

But you can view all your stocks in pie tab.

This is great, thanks!

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Solution could be to create a watchlist of all non-pie investments - not the cleanest way though. Or we just cross our fingers and hope this view will be implemented soon!

On second look this was fairly obvious! Thanks very much again!

Hey again. Just a thought on the pies - perhaps more generally. But upon rebalancing the pies in line with the ARKK funds, is there not a risk that in doing this you expose yourself to CGT for those investments that have increased in value. I’m just trying to work out what cadence would be best to refresh and re-balance these pies. Of course it depends on your deposit and return, but conscious not to be jumping too much in and out. Have you got a sense for how much the ARK allocations move? Cheers again - fairly new to using PIEs so sorry for loads of questions!

SQ is actually a good one. I like it.

Yes this is a good point and to be honest I’m not too sure. I’m balancing fairly regularly as trading212 adds more stocks but I don’t think ARK rebalance too frequently (the weight changes are usually just market movements). So let’s say tesla is 50% of a pie when I create and 2 months later it’s 60%, chances are my pie is already holding 60% tesla as it’s moved in a similar way to ARK’s holdings, when I rebalance the change is minimal.

If you’re investing using an ISA you mitigate this as once the cash is in the ISA account you can move it around between stocks as you wish.

Definitely food for thought though.

Thanks again for this - Reassuring to know. The natural movements make sense. I’m going to put one of these together this weekend, so thanks again for sharing.

I wish I was investing in an ISA but I’m residing in Germany so I’ve lost that benefit unfortunately! Working with an 800 Euro Nil band and then ~26% tax on any investment income above that. Perhaps a finer line for me so something to consider.


Seeing as we’re basically doing the same thing, I’ll start using your Ark pie recipes, which look more or less identical. It’ll save me a little time each week and I’ll encourage folk using my recipes to follow this thread instead.

By the way, what are your thoughts on replacing Tencent with Prosus once it’s fractional? I’d also be minded to include an EU equivalent of GBTC in ARKW when available.

@DaveD It is worth noting that Ark regularly changes the weightings beyond usual market movements too. For example, it appears that some of the ETFs are reducing their holdings in Zillow now that IPOB (Opendoor) has been added to the mix.


I already added IPOB to my pie.
For the rebalancing, I’m taking a different approach as I’m not using the REBALANCE button as this is selling some shares and buying others, and being a Bull I don’t like selling.
I’m funding the pie each month when I receive my salary and for fund distribution, I select Self-balancing, and this way more funds will be allocated to underweight stocks.
In my opinion, this is the best way to get closer to ARKK % holdings every month. This is what’s working for me and my risk tolerance.

I’m curious to hear your opinions because I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other.

Happy Investing!


I tend to avoid the rebalancing button at all costs too. Like you, I don’t want to sell a thing. While my monthly contributions are ‘by target’, I do use the ‘self-balancing’ option for any ad-hoc top-ups. My actual weightings vary from the ETFs quite a bit as I tend to pick up individual shares when I think they’re going cheap then import them into the relevant pie(s).

Prosus could be a good call - I hadn’t really considered it. Do you think it’s unlikely Trading212 will make stocks from HKG available to pies any time soon?

This is great and for the majority of cases, this should work well. I guess this only becomes problematic if a position is growing faster than you can deposit money to increase your other positions. I think this strategy makes sense though, I will do this too :slight_smile:

I’m confident that T212 will make Hong Kong stocks available eventually, but I haven’t seen a firm timescale, so I’d be tempted to add Prosus to ARKF and ARKW in the interim as Tencent makes up about 4% and 2% respectively. The ARKQ and ARKK holdings are less significant though.

Thanks for the spreadsheet @treeba, most useful. Fairly easy to update as well with the import sheets you provided.