ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) - Request

Can you give a idea of how often Ark changes holdings?
And do you find it personally manageable?

Because im also gonna start a Ark etf pie and im debating how many Ark etf’s im going to recreate.
(sorry for the weird English)

It changes daily, in terms of manageability it depends how accurate you want the pie to be. My currently flow means it only updates weekly but is more than manageable for me :slight_smile:

If you use T212 you’ll have to account for the stock held by Ark that are not currently traded on T212. Just rebalance to 100 without them. So you’ll never be “that” accurate. But close. You can see even on my minimal screenshot T212 don’t have Proto or Kratos… and Deere is whole shares only currently…and quite a few others too. You can plug the gap by getting an account with Stake… all stocks on that platform are fractional but you don’t have the option to create a “pie”… so 50/50 the approach you take

Does trading212 have a csv or some kind of data sheet of stocks they have and if they’re fractional?

Data sheet - no, but I make one that automatically tracks new stocks etc (non publicly available yet… email me if you want a csv dump)

T212 does show you fractional stocks though… by the little F symbol in the app (I think, but not on desktop)

Thanks. does your csv show if they are fractional (sorry that’s what I meant)

Yep , of course it does. Pies depend on it

it’s only about the weights, right?

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It’s an actively managed ETF so they change weights and add new positions daily, in my experience only 1 or 2 small holding positions actually get added or removed every 1-2 weeks.

So it’s what I thought… probably the weights are automatically calculated but eventually every 1-2 weeks they add/remove some small holdings.

To be honest I’m not interested in those very small positions, probably the top 20 holdings may change only every few months.

When i Set up the ARKK ‘pie’, i get an estimate of 30% a year instead of your 37%.

The weightings have changed since so they’ll differ, mine is 29.5 now

This doesn’t matter though as past performance indicates nothing about future performance :slight_smile:


Ya i know. But i was afraid i messed something up haha

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You are so awesome

Would you help me how to set up ARKK to my account on T212 automatic instead manually?

This is not possible at the moment. I believe Trading212 will be allowing people to copy pies at some point in the future so this could be an option :slight_smile:


You could ask one of the guys wh started already, if the could share their pie with you…like that you would have an easy start :wink: BUT…t keep it updated is up to you.

Alternatively, you could invest in the ARK ETF’s outside T212, that is what i did. For example with


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Are the ARK etf’s avaiable on interactive brokers?

Look like it is.

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where did you find the list of the avaiable etf’s ? :slight_smile: