ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) - Request

Actually it’s not relevant for T212… since:

IBKR provides clients from all over the globe.

They have hundred of instruments that also are not available in multiple countries and continents.

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I just wrote on Google “interactive brokers ETF list” and the page came up.

This is the link:

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@arafath98 @laguiar @Pepijn031 you can find them on Interactive Brokers, but still won’t be able to trade them for the same reasons. You’ll get a message that says “Contract not available for trading.”

I already know that, but he was just asking if IB offers it. All I did was giving him the information.

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Ah, my bad… :grimacing:

Because of that I wrote that this information not relevant for T212 :wink:

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Is it possible to add ark invest etfs? It’s really frustrating that I need to have 2 brokers just to invest in Ark invest and it is the hottest etf to have if youre looking to be a great broker.

Which other broker do you use to invest in ARK?

I use webull to invest on it I currently hold 2 of their etfs 10 shares each

Yeah its sad that we cant access it bcuz trading212 is from UK

One thing to consider for a UK investor is that because ARK ETFs are not HMRC reporting funds, they cannot be held in an ISA or SIPP and any capital gains will be taxed as income (20%, 40% or 45%) rather than as capital gains (0%, 10% or 20%). So even if one can find a way to purchase such funds they come with some hefty disadvantages, as do all US funds that are non-reporting.


@treeba congratulations on the work you have done! :ok_hand:


Of course there is no guarantee that the holdings are accurate as it says in the disclaimer

Is this what I think it is? :thinking:


what do you mean??? will be available in T212?

Read up on why ARK etfs haven’t been added yet and then you’ll get it. They’ve been discussed to death here.


It seems that the ETF ARKK will be the first ETF with an UCITS version (european investment fund/ETF compliant).

UCITS: Available in Europe and Singapore, and via Managed Funds in Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Nikko Asset Management View Details

It will be:

The Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Strategy is advised by ARK’s Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Catherine Wood, who has over 40 years of industry experience.

Unfortunately only available as a mutual fund and seems like it can only be bought directly from the fund manager (Nikko AM) at NAV, so no intraday pricing as you’d get with $ARKK itself.

Also, it has apparently been available since 2018…


yes…i hold them at CapTrader, which is a IB clone !