AT&T and Warner Media

Can someone from T212 confirm that once Warner Media splits from AT&T, shareholders will receive new shares of the newly formed company of Warner Bros Discovery? I don’t want it to be a case of AT&T shares being sold off due to the transaction or any other complications which I have heard has happened when these sorts of transaction or splits have been done.


The latest is here:

Best to keep refreshing this page nearer the date to see if policy has changed


Does anyone know the dates for this spin-off+merger?
I imagine that it will need approval from the authorities, is there an expected date for approval?

@EquityInvestor Executives on both sides of the $43-billion WarnerMedia-Discovery merger again confirmed the deal is on track to close by the middle of next year but details otherwise remain scarce on the combination that will reshape the media industry.


So I take it as a yes?

The exhale given on the link is for SPACs which I can confirm to be true as I have held several SPACs.

It’s just that the AT&T and Discovery spin off seems quite unique.

It was a no and now it’s a yes.

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