Auto invest regular investing without bank withdrawls

Hey, so I was looking at the auto invest and the “ideal” seems to be youd buy your little bit every single day rather than say weekly or monthly semi annually etc.

But this would lead to a terribly messy bank account with a daily withdrawl.

Would it be possible to have it so we could add cash to our pie/our free funds with say a monthly direct debit (always good to have the Bill’s and savings come out on payday heh)

And then set autoinvest to take the money from that pool within the account rather than having to be an individual bank withdrawal that’s all invested in one day.

Ie I want to put 500 a month in and have it invested daily,

That’s either 30ish bank transactions or I could have 1 withdrawl of 500 and then 30(well less weekends/nontrading days) asset purchases in the app from the 500 free funds?

Maybe a notification if the funds are below the autoinvest target?

:clock3: - AutoInvest using accounts free funds is an Upcoming feature. More details here.