AutoInvest - Feedback

One small point, why is the auto-invest limited to 40 years. It should probably at least cater for someone who joins the platform at 18, and wants to retire by 67 or so. 40 years only take them to 58. Best not to leave anyone out I guess, might as well make the range too long than too short!
Also, how often is the annual return estimates refreshed? Don’t think I’ve ever seen it change

Minor feedback, the ability for the slider to go to zero for the ‘initial deposit’ rather than clicking then typing.

Handy for setting up an auto invest schedule with products that are already held outside of pies


@George Could you please tell me if the autoinvest projection takes in consideration dividend reinvestment or is it just pure stock price?

Yes, the projection accounts for dividend reinvestment :slight_smile:

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Got the same problem as Burgers. The auto-pie investing failed on American holiday but instead of going into pending investments as it used to, they all failed.
Now I have tried to manually invest the left over money in the pie but it won’t let me - says I have to add more money to the account to do so. I do not want to do this.
How do I invest the money that is in the pie?
George, your reply to @burgers suggested that you understand its a problem but there is no fix coming, you’re only going to make it more obvious that more money needs to be added. This isn’t a solution.
The solution is to allow the money in the pie to be spent.

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would it be possible to have 1 deposit per month and that will split the money into the different pies ?

When selling a stock that is in a pie, the “sell” button is removed from the stock (outside of a pie).

In order to sell the instrument, you need to sell it from within the pie, or export the instrument, and then sell it.

Can we somehow make this a bit clearer


This we will allow as well. Basically, it will become possible to invest only the free cash of the pie without adding any external funds. I’ll post an update when the fix is out. Should be very soon.

Yes, you can have as many pies as you’d like and each pie can have it’s own deposit schedule.

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Thanks for the answer however I am not looking to deposit multiples times since it costs me money to transfer cash from my EU account to the UK account. Hence having the possibility to send for example 1K and to be split equally between each pie and each pie (shares) takes their own needs for auto invest based on % allocated.

I see your point. This will be addressed very soon with the option to use your account’s free funds as an AutoInvest deposit source.

In your case specifically, you’d be able to schedule a monthly recurring deposit to your Invest account. And then your pies will be able to source funds from the general cash storage of the account. (I suggest you schedule the AutoInvest to be 1 day after the recurring deposit to ensure that funds are already present in the account)


@teamdave, I believe what you have to do at the moment is withdraw the funds from your Pie, what this does is put it into your main Invest Cash pot and then when you manually invest from the pie, it will take it from there.

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Hi George, If I set up an auto invest pie and then go to the delete the trading 212 app. Will the auto investment still run? As in is it run server side or does the app need to execute the trades?

Yes it will run. Your Trading 212 account is what matters, and not the specific application that you’re running.

Hi folks, I know I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t remember where, hope here is ok for the question, I’m after the formula for the minimum invest amount into my pie. Which is 18 instruments.
Thanks in advance!

Not about how many instruments, it’s about how much the lowest allocation is. 0.5% is £40, 1% is £20.
Just multiply £0.20 by the fraction of 100%. 0.5% is a 200th. Therefore 200*£0. 20 is £40


Thanks for the prompt responce George

Ah I see that’s great thanks Cavan. Gonna have to try and keep this comment handy for future reference!

I haven’t been able to find any information on how Auto Invest will distribute my funds.
From what I have seen it looks like the funds will be split per my original weightings not based on their current percentages
i.e. if my pie has 2 stocks both set at 50% from the beginning, then one increases to 75% of the pie.
I would expect my next auto investment to assign more of the free funds to the stock currently at 25% to bring these back inline with my desired weightings.
Currently it looks like my funds will be split 50/50 leaving my actual weightings outside of my desired weightings.

Without this in place I will have to resell stocks to bring the percentages down rather than being able to buy more in the lower stocks to bring everything in line.

Hi there,
Yes you are correct that auto-invest will use your funds towards the normal set targets and not a ‘self-balancing’ target. I think this is in the pipeline to go along with manual invest, where you can use your account funds in any of 3 ways

-By targets : as you mentioned this will add to your stocks according to set target allocation

-Self Balancing : This is what your looking for with Auto-invest, if one stock is 25% above target, then it will receive 25% less allocation.

Custom - you choose where all 100% of your allocation goes.

Hope this helps


Awesome news and thanks for the info!
Do you know when this is likely to be launched?