AutoInvest Roundups - invest your spare change πŸ’·

As it says on the tin, for every card transaction round up to the nearest integer and invest into :pie:

Pennies make pounds and so makes cents :sob:

Show your support in the comments to get this on the roadmap please

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i thought about this a while ago too but given that T212 has minimum investment amounts based on how big your pie is (and hence how small each fraction is or can be), i don’t reckon this can be implemented without conflicting that rule.

but yes, this is the underlying principle in products like nutmeg etc. and would make a lot of sense for people who like saving their spare change.

Think they would do well to revise that rule tbh. Why does it exist?

Microsaving and microinvesting via roundups is a pretty standard widespread feature now in the U.K. e.g. Moneybox, Tickr, Plum, Chip, etc.

Roundups would go nicely with this too :eyes: