Automatic sell order?

Hello, i experienced sometjing reslly weird today, i owned 20360 shares of bantech and wanted to sell 10000 and so i did, later on i noticed 20000 were actually sold with two differents sell orders one of them me not placing it… orders were executed at the same time

I only recon settiing one sell order

Based on both those showing the same fill ID there is only one sell, weird it duplicated the transaction in history.

Unless you’ve uploaded the same screengrab twice?

Sorry the other one is this…its two different fill ID but i only plced one sell order!!!

i might put it myself but as i said i dont recon it…and seeing how messed up T212 has been this week nothing is impossible…

stuff like this should be communicated directly with the staff really.

beyond a few theories and speculations there isn’t much anyone in the forum can do to figure out what happened.

I’m going to assume the connection lagged and recorded your actions twice when communicating with the server.


@isistyle Our system indicates that you have placed two separate sell orders with this instrument. I can provide you with the audit trails for them via a personal message if you like.

thanks for the reply!! yes please send it.