Bad communication concerning stock splits

I am utterly dissapointed by the communication of Trading212 regarding the stock splits of tesla and apple.

I had quite a big position in tesla for my portfolio (0.25 share at 1480 avg price) and it had seen it’s downs but after the stock split announcement it was in the green. Since I knew that Trading212 would sell the fractional share when the split happens, I wanted to make sure to be in the green so I sold with 8 bucks in profit at a fill price of around 1520. I saw tesla climb up and up all the while I didn’t want to risk anything by buying a fractional share again and then potentially ending the position in the red as Trading212 would sell fractional shares.

But apparently they announced (who knows where, never saw a notification) that fractional shares that will result in one full share would be split to a full share. Why the late “announcement”? Utterly dissapointed by this.

you can buy now more shares or fractional shares…

Which is not my point.

This lack of communication caused me and probably a lot of others to play it too safe and thus lose out on A LOT of profits.

How you loose out a Lot of profits?

Selling a position early to not be in the red when fractional shares get sold.

If I knew I would have a share after the split I would have kept it and rode tesla from 1500 to 2200

You could have sold yesterday only.

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I sold early to make sure I am not in a loss. If I waited till yesterday and it was in the red, I would have made a loss. I played it safe as Trading212 said in the beginning that all fractionals would be sold. Did you even read my post? You misunderstoof all of my points .

I understand the frustration, t212 will obviously learn from this and the situation will be easier in the future.
But at the end of the day you can’t lose profit, it is only profit once you cash it in and you made the choice not to take the risk and it didn’t pay off.

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I absolute understand your point, and I would like to have this clarify a lot earlier.
I m 100% with you on this.

But you can’t say that was the reason to loose out a lot of profits…


Amazon next to split ? Hope T212 gets its communication act together by then, or even split fractional stock :blush:

Always amazed when someone complains via a forum. All that’s going to happen is you’re going to invite scrutiny and not all of it in your favour, which will just upset you more.

I’d suggest you either email 212 with an official complaint or private message a member of staff with the subject header ‘Complaint’. I’d then be as detailed with your issue as possible, including dates etc.

I agree the comms were choppy at best, but there will be contention around your decision to sell. With any luck you might find, if you can evidence the dates of your actions coincide adversely with the clarity of communication, that 212 might as a goodwill gesture, reinstate your position but it’s a, reach.

I also sold a half share due to the same assumption but I also had whole shares so wasn’t overly fussed when the additional info came to light. Understand your frustration though.

I just thought that some people from the company would be active but I get your point. I’ll see what I can accomplish via email.


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Dude, who cares about your $400 fractional investment. It’s not like you have lost throusands of dollars (you made $8 profit too🤣). In any case you decided to sell yourself. You could have just waited to autosell.

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It’s your own fault joe can you blame 212 everyone knew there was stock split do your due diligence

I agree that this has been poorly managed and communicated by T212.

However, this point is also correct:

For example, I had a very minor position in Tesla, which I sold on the last day and I have rebought today. I have not calculated it, but the difference should be less than 3%. Obviously, I would have preferred to not have had to sell and re-buy.

I’m Joe, and I’m not the one complaining…