Baillie Gifford [discussion] 📃

In a nutshell, Neil Woodford’s flagship open-ended fund couldn’t keep up with redemptions due to the illiquid nature of many of its holdings, ie he couldn’t sell things quick enough. In theory, this sort of liquidity crisis shouldn’t happen with a closed-ended trust though.

PensionCraft recently put out the video below, which describes how something similar could happen to Ark. Due to Cathie Wood’s funds being exchange traded, it also offers one of the first opportunities to bet against a rock-star manager and there has been rising short interest, which could really accelerate declines.

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ARK snapped up a bunch didn’t they?

Yeah they did yesterday.

I mean BG reducing Tesla.

Thanks for the share. I’ll give it a watch later :ok_hand:

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Looks like it’s managed all 3 in the same day! :smile:

Now let’s hope it can break that resistance level (dark red horizontal) today;

I haven’t checked SMT - did it recover at all?

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it’s up around 1%, going in the right direction :slight_smile:

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The NASDAQ is the one really testing that 50 day right now and looks like it will continue to do so

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Yeah I’m looking at that now. Much tougher to read.

I’m guessing with the GME thing again that will impact the broader market, with the NASDAQ in particular

I know a few of you are interested in Palantir, I’ve not listened to it yet but here you go, a deep dive into Palantir

Good podcast that. Their APPS one was good, even if their opinions were crap in the long run. :wink:

Looks like it’s gonna be another painful day today guys!

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Or opportunity to top up.

No money left to bloody top up! Past fortnight has bled me dry!!


That just means your saving(investing) as much as you can :sunglasses:

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I’ve even reluctantly invaded my savings this month!

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Friday’s generally seem to be red days so I’m not too surprised there is such a dip today. Today is the day since the dip began last Thursday that I’ll finally buy (not due to some plan, but I was just waiting for my salary!) I am hoping a rise will begin from Monday. Then again, there is still plenty of room for a further dip - we are only at last months levels at the moment.

I feel for you lol, i’m exactly the same. went all in over last week and this… got no money at all now to add and just watching those purchases lose money :slight_smile:

Ach, I’m exagerrating. Still have some cash on the sidelines and even skimmed some profits from my bigger positions for a hopefull re-entry at a lower price, but after two weeks of this I’m just generally a bit fed up.

Or Fed… up. :wink:

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