BBIG & TYDE Shares


Does anyone happen to know when we will get our TYDE shares? If I read correctly the ex-date is today may the 18th, will we be receiving it immediately when they are trading live? How does T212 handle these kinds of situations?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Good question, I also want to know.

yeah same, hope we get a response on this matter

Lot of confusion around this.

Can someone please clarify? When is record date and how long do we have to hold? Does T+2 settlement matter?

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We’re still waiting for the official dates to be confirmed, but as with every spin-off, once our intermediary distributes the due shares we’ll allocate what’s due per the terms of the event, right away.

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Thank you for the response, would it be possible for you to keep us updated if you know more about the distribution date and how this will take place?

Thanks :pray:.

Any latest on this? I mean I’m quite worried if lack of action from Trading212 will cost me money? I mean they have a spin off and that will be listed soon (if not already). If T212 delays the distribution, and most other brokers have distributed to their clients, they can easily sell at IPO open day. What I mean is that we could be left in a situation where stock price plummets and then sell at a loss.

From what I have heard and seen on social media most other brokers have already managed all the relevant information :information_source: they need to provide clients. Any idea why the delay with T212?

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Totally agree with you, a bit worried about the lack of communication about this. I expect this to be tradeable right away on the date they will be available and hope T212 will not disappoint us. It would be better if they would communicate with us how it will work and what they have already done in the background…

I’m not sure :thinking: what T212 are doing? Hard to tell if they have received the necessary information to provide us.

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We’re still waiting for updates regarding the official dates. Rest assured that we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

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Hey it seems as there is a new date, do you guys have any updates for us on how this will be done?

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Once our intermediary executes the event, we’ll reflect it accordingly on our end as well.

We’ll keep you up to speed :ok_hand:


Hey seems the official distribution date is end of close today, does that mean that tomorrow we will have the tyde shares in our accounts?

On the distribution date (June 29, 2022), BBIG, with the assistance of Nevada Agency & Transfer Company, acting as the distribution agent, will electronically distribute shares of TYDE common stock to your bank or brokerage firm on your behalf or through the system of DTC. - BBIG SEC Filing

So it should be today.

They can confirm @B.E @Bogi.H @Team212

Good to know, thank you for sharing! Hope we will be able to trade TYDE tomorrow!

I really hope trading 212 don’t mess this up and hurt client. I’m sure most other brokers will be super fast with this process.

RH apparently have already told clients they will receive TYDE today or early tomorrow morning.

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Same here, hence why I hope that they will see this and pass it on to whoever goes about that stuff. Because with stuff like this there is a big chance that stuff can happen right when it drops or becomes accessible for everyone. So I hope we get the availability to trade this right away when it becomes available on the market.

Somebody already had the TYDE shares on RobinHood.

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Please say we are not late on this as usual.

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Oh man indeed hope we will get ours before market opens. Please any updates @Bogi.H @David @George @B.E