BBIG & TYDE Shares

Im seeing on social media that Interactive brokers has been slowly distributing, so hope T212 will be next as well since IBKR is their Intermediary

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The spin-off has been reflected accordingly. We’ve distributed the due shares to eligible shareholders.


Thank you Bogi & the trading 212 team.

Well done :+1:

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Thank you bogi and team!

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Just one question

When will TYDE go live? I don’t mean TYDEV

As you can see TYDE price is different from the TYDEV on our platform

@Bogi.H @Bogi.H

TYDE will be tradeable today at market opening, and the price will be updated accordingly once the session starts.

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It’s not yet live ? I thought it would be live on market open!? That is what I understood from your post.

@B.E @Bogi.H

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For me it’s working and my test sell order went through