Beginner trading

Hi guys I’m a beginner to trading and wanted to ask some questions:

What does results mean?

How do you know if you’ve made money and where does it show?

The result is the amount you’ll make if you sell at that time. It can be displayed as a value and a percentage. Bear in mind that the result is in your local currency even if the shares are in another market - so if the value appears not to make sense you need to take currency fluctuations into account.

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How do you sell a trade ?

Various ways - hover over the item in your list of open positions or click on sell when displaying the chart for example. You can choose to set a limit price so if the share goes up you can sell automatically without having to monitor the situation (in case the share goes down again).

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But learning this in the practice windows before investing real money would be sensible!

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T212 uploads an entire series of tutorial videos to youtube. I recommend you spend time watching them before beginning to use the platform, even in practice mode as the video’s will introduce you to the proper usage of the platforms various settings and features.