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Hello everybody! This is my first forum post so go easy on me!

I’ve been using the Trading 212 app since early April 2020 and I’ve built up a list of questions that I’d like to have answered. Before I start posting them, I’m looking for your opinions on the best place to do it.

In the first couple of weeks after signing up, I posted a few questions using the “Contact us” option within the app, but I don’t like that you can’t see your messages in order to relate them to any answers you receive. In order to combat this issue, I started emailing new questions to the email address. Unfortunately, I found that the quality of the answers I received via both these methods was quite poor.

What is the best place to get high quality answers to my questions, some of which could get quite technical, from Trading 212 employees and/or other investors? Is it this Community Forum, the YouTube comments section, Facebook, Instagram or should I just stick to sending emails? Which of the social media platforms has the most activity?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me!

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Yes, this is probably a good place. Other users are quite friendly and responsive here and may have already faced the same question as you. Excepting for questions specifically related to your account; then you should use Contact us”.


I looked a bit at the Reddit channel r/trading212. I thought people there to be really floundering around on some very basic issues and I couldn’t understand why they would not come here instead, where the quality of the information is better and many posts here are read by Trading 212 staff. I could not be bothered to correct mistaken information that I was reading in that channel.

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Hi @Richard.W, thanks for taking the time to reply!

OK, I’m going to take your advice and start posting my questions on this forum.

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And do use the search function. There are lots of questions that have already been answered. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, thanks for the reminder. I’ve received a few notifications about r/trading212 but I haven’t actually read any of them yet. I meant to list Reddit along with all the other social media platforms in my original post.

Good point. Do the admins have the ability to merge topics together or delete topics that are duplicates?

Yes they can do those things.

I’ve been enjoying participating in the forum since I created this topic. Everybody is very friendly and helpful!

However, I’ve made a few posts that I’d really like answered by Trading 212 staff, so I’d just like to clarify what the correct protocol is.

I started by “mentioning” the @Team212 username, but that hasn’t always resulted in a response. I’ve seen other users mention specific usernames, such as @David, @George, @L.Mar, @Martin and @Tony.V. However, as somebody who has worked in a support capacity in the past, I don’t feel comfortable with singling out specific individuals.

So, if I continue to use the @Team212 username, will all the Trading 212 staff that are manning the forum see my posts and maximise my chance of getting an answer?

Since I’ve mentioned so many Trading 212 staff in this post, this is my most urgent issue:

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I’ve seen some references to “raising a ticket”.

Is that what I need to do and, if so, how?

There is in app chat, I would raise technical nature questions there. It was original place for support. Now again restored.


@Supraman There’s no need to add mentions. We’re reading every single topic, we have an internal way to coordinate ourselves, and we reply whenever there is such need.

Keep in mind that some questions cannot be attended publicly because the answer might include personal account information. Hence a ticket should be submitted via your account & our customer care team will assist further. So the first thing to consider is whether your inquiry is a general one, or it’s more account-specific.

@Vedran Currently, the chat it’s partially available as a load balancing measure. The plan is to bring it back to all our clients at some point.


Thanks for clarifying that, @Tony.V!

And thanks to the whole team for your excellent work!

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