Black Friday 2021

Thought it might be worth starting a thread to see what bargains people are looking out for tomorrow!

Myself, I’m looking for a turbo trainer, this is the best I’ve found this week sofar:

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This is the day of the year I upgrade my Firestick and my Letterboxd membership.

If I can find a bargain bottle of bourbon somewhere it’s a bonus.

I’m hoping to get a PS5, but nope I highly doubt it :joy:

Sony don’t do black Friday so I made use of their annual winter cashback promotion instead, got a new camera pre-ordered for £2500 and a discounted lens for £1000 which will also get me a £200 cashback once I register it in January. I just hate waiting on pre-orders and my new commuter single speed has been delayed from January to February… :sob:

You know most mobiles allow you to take a snap of your 212 portfolio on your screen so you don’t need a camera to do that? :crazy_face:

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my portfolio and my body are about the only things in existence that camera won’t be taking snaps of :rofl:

I wanted to be able to take quality pictures that I could then have blown up and printed to cover an entire wall in high detail :stuck_out_tongue: should I so wish to. could also charge others for the privilege of being photographed lol :wink: though I refuse to do weddings, the stress and abuse is not justified just because you are getting paid £5000-9000+ for a couple days work.

Seems stocks are on sale today, go go go! What we all buying?

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£30 for sazerac on Amazon’s tempting.
£17.99 for wild turkey not bad for a cocktail whisky

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MNG is mighty tempting right now with its 9% yield.

Took that, Tincup and Elijah Craig for the win. :trophy:

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I got a few Merlin Passes for next year. They were 219 and reduced to 159, the little one will love it. Plus I’m a big kid

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Hadn’t heard of that but looks decent. Mine are a bit young just now but certainly bookmarked. Cheers!

Kindle over here! :raising_hand_man:t2: Switching from the iPad.
The bad: all the e-books I’ve bought for iBooks are not compatible with the Kindle’s mobi format. Oh well …

Why would you do this?!? The kindle is not a good

EDIT:- for books I guess it makes sense, although I’m still reading paper

Calibre can convert between most formats:

Absolutely only for books. :sweat_smile:

Yes, but not for the DRM protected bought in iBooks. I’ve done a lot of searching … :confused:

Good work, I thought you were some kind of maniac. :wink:

I bet you got your books ideas from this thread:

Not really, but thanks for the tip.
I’m currently more into psychology and philosophy. :wink: