Boeing trade mismatch - βœ… Solved

Can you please see

this picture and explain. It will be very helpful if i can get the proper answer. Thanks

Charts are different as one is on 1m trading and other is on 5m trading. For prices running different are both running same processors getting same connection? I know some phones that have older tech are slightly out of sync with latest or, 3G/4G/5G not as in sync as fibre optic broadbands

I am not worried about chart. I am asking about the price. Same time and same wifi but prices are different. I again used with good phone. One iPhoneX and another one Samsung S9. Both of them were showing different prices. I am worried about the price what they are giving us. Why they are giving us different prices for different accounts?

The reason the price is different is because you are viewing one at 5m and one at 1m. They can’t be the same.

He’s not on about the charts, He’s asking about the difference in price showing on 2 phones for the same instrument.

To be honest if like to know why this is as well but I’m guessing it’s to do with delayed data, but if the prices don’t match up at all, something might be up.

@Arifdoll Is there still a difference the second after you restart the apps? We did some tests on our side & everything looked fine.

Could it be apps on both phones have not been updated to same level of updates?

Yes but this will affect price difference. Take a look here for example where I pulled up NKLA, one for the hour chart and one for the week chart, for an exaggerated example. The week will give the average of each week. The hour will show hourly granulation.

You need to look at the max and min of the candles which may not be visble clearly.

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quite interesting find

We performed some additional tests & we found out what is causing all this - it’s a visual issue, caused by a bug in the third-party library which we use to update the prices on Android (socket IO) It will be fixed with the upcoming update. The orders execution is not affected whatsover.

@Arifdoll Thanks for sharing the video above!

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The matter was resolved with the latest Android update. :gear: