Break the system

Let’s form a syndicate and all buy a low volume stock that’s low priced. Let’s all pour thousands in and push it up then dump it when we get the big firms involved.

Come on just need a couple thousand people with a few thousand k each, I haven’t got time to waste.

I know your all feeling me,big things.

Picture yourself in a lambo and a penthouse, picture yourself winning at life, make this a reality. We can make it happen.

Movement starts here, unlike storm area 51 I know you lot are real men (women too) and we can make this happen.


I can see your on board already Cavan, use your YouTube account to get the message out. Great to see your support.

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What stocks are we pumping? I say we get on some Wirecard and Nikola

Haters gonna hate :man_shrugging:t4: Winners gonna win :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::hot_face:



I have a better idea, start a business that does nothing. IPO and get everyone to invest. Then just dissolve and run away :joy:


Yeah buddy that’s the attitude, 3 of us now, founding fathers. Get the movement started.

Dunno let’s do the maths. What small cap could we target and influence.

10,000 of us all dump 10,000 that gives us 100,000,000 reckon we can influence with this?

2+2= 4 quick maths

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Actually, you have to buy a product yourself, just to make it look legit by having 36,000 in sales

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With that money we might as well just buy a profitable small cap

Has to be a life hack, think outside the box. I don’t want to be grey and wrinkly with my lambo I want it now with my hareem.

I’ll buy a house using director equity loan.

How about we buy a small cap that sells small caps🧢

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I like your thinking

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Then we can upgrade to a large cap selling a large caps :billed_cap:

How much was big commerce market cap? We could buy the company that provides the sites for people to buy small caps :billed_cap: from small caps :office:

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What if we all shorted some lamer stock, just ended it. I know I said I wouldn’t short but life’s too short so I’ve changed my mind already. We can be like death squad just ending companies on life support. Why doesn’t T212 solicit us shorting Plus500 we can help each other out…

If no one wants to jump on this with us they’re stupid. Deal of a lifetime here. if you read this, you’re already in. Here’s your free cap :billed_cap:

Speaking of caps, I want a T212 cap.

Edit: and the cup.

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