Burford Stock liquidated

Hi can someone please explain why our Burford stocks (LSE) are liquidated? Notification says it has been relisted on NYSE which is wrong - it is a DUAL listing and there’s no reason for t212 to liquidate our positions without notice at some arbitrary date. The company continues to be listed on AIMs.


I second the above. No notification and stock liquidated. Burford is still trading as a uk aim stock.

Can someone from Trading212 please help here? The notification of liquidation and relisting has now been secretly removed… this is the kinda of thing that can really erode trust without proper transparency.

Hello @freezefrank,

Notifications are set to expire after a given amount of time in order to prevent pollution of your account with outdated information.

The transition of shares from LSE to NYSE was the default action upon listing on NYSE by the registrar. Unfortunately, being unable to complete the transfer in shares on our platform (yet), the only option was to provide the proceeds from the sell of the shares. Both listings are available now so the capital can be reinvested in the listing of your choice.