Buy in the big losers

why when I want to buy in the big losers section does the transaction take a long time? Afterwards the price goes up and it is no longer interesting to buy.

Have you checked the liquidity of the market of the stock?

Similarly 212 does not allow for PFOF as that’s a European requirement.

Some stocks - especially on AIM like say Argo Blockchain can go to auction which IIRC is only 4/5 times a day.

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If it’s putting you off after one days change you should look at your targets/goals.


Disagree. I get put off after a few minutes sometimes.

If you’re trying to scalp a quick profit after an sudden drop which is often followed by a rebound, you need to look at the shorter time period. The reverse which I’ve often done is if a stock opens up a considerable amount, immediately short it to profit from the correction. In and out in out the trade in under a minute sometimes.

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Ahhh ok CFDs I understand your point if you’re using leverage etc…

It really just depends if you’re investing or trading i spose.

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