Buying Strategy

Want to know what ‘buying strategy’ one uses? We all buy when the price is low but do you buy:

  1. at the point of the market opening if the price is low;

  2. during the day if the price goes down;

  3. when US market opens, again if the price is lower;

  4. toward the close of the market if the price drops;

  5. have a set price in mind, so if it goes to that price or lower, you buy;

  6. buy at once or do you drip buy, at the right price?


I guess it depends if you’re holding for minutes/hours intraday, days in a swing, or months, years, decades long term.

Depending on the stock I tend to look first at what has happened and look at a target I think it will drop to. I try to avoid chucking in too much at once, as you’ll never get that bottom, then keep adding. Once I feel its leaving it I might add a final amount.

Key thing is always have funds, if you are down to 0 you’ll be twiddling your thumbs going ah no it’s dropping I could have bought in here, which I feel is slightly better than going ah I wish I had put more in if it was actually the bottom.

I do like to trade in the first couple hours US, tend to check the premarket just to see what’s happening.

General rules, first hour and last hour are the most hectic. Friday better for selling, Monday better for buying. September is always crap.

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Interesting regarding ‘Friday better for selling’ and ‘Monday better for buying’.

I agree with you re - having the funds ready just in case the price goes to the amount one is looking for.