Buying $SUWN doesn't work properly

Current shown is 0.04553 as value, sell price is 0.03747 and my ask bit is under 0.03900.
(If I don’t buy with limit buy, the price is to far away from selling price in app)

I don’t understand why my order does not pass through in the last hours.
Can somebody explain where the problem is?

Possibly no problem - have you checked the liquidity of the stock?

202,568 shares traded today is only $7,500 to $10,000 exchanging hands today…

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Oh, didn’t thought about this, it was never an big issue with the investments I selected, and therefore never worked with that.
It says for this stock the ratio is


Current Ratio 0.95
Quick Ratio 0.40
Cash Ratio 0.07

But if I am above sell price in the app shouldn’t be there a supply of stocks to buy there?

The security trades OTC, which means Over the Counter. A term for a type of security trading that allows people to buy/sell unlisted securities - those not recognised on your typical stock exchange.

The trading of these assets are facilitated by brokers who act as market makers. Due to the absence of an active market, it can be more difficult for efficient price discovery, so as a result the bid/ask spreads tend to be higher to facilitate their costs(& profit). You need to pay the effective bid or ask rate offered by brokers in the market, that are willing to help assist with trading in these markets. The more liquid the stock, the tighter the bid/ask spread as a result of competition.

Least that’s my understanding but probably better wording out there.