BYG (Big Yellow Group) REIT Dividend


I hold BYG shares in both my Invest and ISA accounts and I can’t work out the payment amount received on 12th Aug. I waited a couple of extra days in case it was distributed in 2 installments (PID and non PID). But the announced div was declared as 100% PID.

Final PID Dividend:
Announced: 16.7p per share 10th Aug payment date
ISA account received: 13.5p per share (strangely 19.2% less than 16.7p)
Invest account received: 10.8p per share (20% less than 13.5p)

I would expect the Invest amount to be 20% less than the ISA due to the income tax on Property Income Distributions but can’t work out why the Gross amount was 13.5p and not 16.7p?

Should it not be 16.7p ISA and 13.36p Invest?

Dividend announcement:

Hello, @Mirlo! Keep in mind, that we’ve allocated only the PID dividend - 0.135 GBP per share. The other payment - 0.032 ( Ordinary dividend ) hasn’t been distributed yet. Most probably, we’ll pay out the Ordinary dividend by the end of the next week.

Perfect thanks for clarifying, initial BYG announcement didn’t make reference to the Ordinary Dividend amount.