Can add to PIE from Cash in ISA?

Just wondering, I have an ISA with cash always sitting. Can I use this cash to transfer or fund an auto-invest PIE. Or do I need to transfer this cash to my bank account and then auto-invest from my Bank into my PIE?

When funding a pie manually the funds come from the free funds of your T212 account.

Thanks for that info but to clarify, So I cant use this sitting cash in my T212 account to auto invest in my PIE I can only use it for manual investing to my PIE?

Yes, currently you can’t auto invest with the cash in your account. We will add that option soon.


I have a same Q - Does it mean that autoinvest will not be part of ISA allowance?

ISA allowance only tracks cash you deposit into the account. current Autoinvest uses money from your external account which is why the allowance gets used. when cash from inside the account can be autoinvested into the pie from the free funds, naturally the allowance will not decrease because this money is already inside your account. Pie’s are inside your account not separate so you don’t need to worry about moving money between them and your free funds.


Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated.

Hi Goerge,
When will this feature be added?
Thank you

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