Can I retrieve my money from my UK ISA or Invest account back into my current account?!

Hi there. Thanks for your patience with a complete novice!

I decided to try and teach myself a new skill ie.learn a little about the stock market so have been researching this and opened up an account with trading 212. I opened an ISA as I read about it being tax free which was really stupid of me as I’m literally playing with peanuts to learn the ropes. I have £60 currently in there. I bought some stocks, watched them go up and down a bit while I learned then sold some. What I’d really like to do now is transfer that money back to my current account…whence it came! I can’t see an option to do this, so assuming I can’t?

I checked my peanuts in my invest account too, all £100 and it’s not clear I can get those back either! What am I doing wrong?! Thank you

Hi @Leah. Trades take 2 days to settle. That means you need to wait 2 days from when you sell for your money to show in your account as free funds. When did you last sell?

You might also find the article below useful about how to withdraw funds.

Thank you so much for this! Just as I thought I had looked absolutely everywhere! I’m less nervous now I know it’s easily accessible.