Can we make market orders for Palantir and Asana already?

Thank you @David for clarifying this! Is there anyway I can find out when they’ll be available? I’m unable to set a limit as the pending orders limit has been reached!

Guys just to let you know, I’ve managed to buy both Asana and Palantir, but they’re both pending :slight_smile:

Yeah some luckly people can create limits others can’t, its a bit luckly dip. Bit frustrating. I still can’t create a limit trying now.

I saw @David start to reply, so hopefully he’s figuring out whats going on.

Since our stocks are actually held by Interactive Brokers, and Trading 212 probably has just an Omnibus account with them, I guess Interactive Brokers are limiting the orders per Omnibus account. But I would like to hear it officially from 212 and most of all find a solution to this problem.

They do have an omnibus account thats correct. Weird its randomly stopping some customers creating limit orders.

I’ve tried about 30 times this morning.

@phildawson @tsukeyomi Yes, Interactive Brokers have a hard limit of the number of pending orders they’re willing to accept.

Same, I did go low on the limit so if its not fulfilled so be it, I haven’t got faith in the investment, just taking a relatively low punt on the stock. Still nothing fulfilled so not expecting it to go through.

Any reason they give whilst some can’t create limits and others can, as you can see in this thread no luck and then @Ahmet has managed to 7mins ago.

Is it a case someone has cancelled a pending order and they have been extremely lucky in timing pressing submit? because I have been mashing that button all morning. :sweat_smile:

5 mins possibly !

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@David So why don’t just straight say it instead of leaving people in the dark and waiting for some customer to guess it out and only then confirm it? And, most of all, is this going to be a problem forever with Trading 212 or do you have a planned solution for this?
To be honest, it just makes you look like a series B broker and it just makes trading harder (it is already hard enough); it’s another rat race that your customers have to go through on top of everything that is already out there.

My intention is not to bash Trading 212; I actually like this platform. But these problems are quite silly and just ruin the experience that’s otherwise pretty nice. My intention is to motivate you guys to find a solution, improve the platform and let it shine like it deserves as I’m convinced you have a strong product in your hands.

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Asana order has been executed and it’s climbing now!

Good luck! I’m personally waiting a bit for that one.

@David $PLTR is stuck 10.26

PLTR in not live yet from what I can see. Its initial price should be $7.25 btw.

Well my order is now pending👍

That’s the price pre public offering.

Snowflake was 120 but by the time it got to us it was around 250, this is pretty common.


Like wise!

Got a limit at 12

Mine is set at 11.78. No reason just where the numbers stopped rolling lol

I created a limit but it didn’t execute - Where did asana open up at?

I know we are going to get a much higher price. Did you set a market order or limit at how much?