Cannot trade! Not working! Urgent help!

Cannot trade this morning! This is horrible!

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Having the same issue.

Same problem on mine.

Yeah I’m having this issue too, seems the website is down.

Same issue with my account!

I’m having the exact same issue.

We’re looking into this.

Missed a number of sell opportunities this morning so far in the volatility. Would really like to know what’s happened and if this is a recurring issue please.

Same problem here. Won’t let me buy or sell

Not going to lie I’m fuming, missed loads of sell signals and now the markets crashing in my investments. £’000s gone in minutes because of this app!!

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Same here and I’m new to Trading 212… not a good start !!!

Can’t sell anything and watching money walk out the door now from being up Unilever is crashing again but couldn’t sell?!?! What’s going on here

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Had a large spike of green and couldn’t trade. I can buy but not sell. Even auto exec trade limits were cancelled.

Glad I’m not the only one… I was freaking out. I’m hoping this can be resolved

Are any of you still experiencing this issue?

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212 gone silent though while money walks away…

I am going to hold off transferring into my ISA till this is explained and assured it won’t happen again. I am really hoping this is a one off occurrence and can be explained/fixed for good.

Really sorry for all your situations and losses. Fingers crossed another opportunity comes in this highly volatile market.

Yes can’t sell anything and lost profit this morning it

Working again, but it’s not good enough. We trust you with our money!

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Ok back in business now. Thanks for fixing issue