Can't add (LNN) slice to pie

I can’t add Lindsay (LNN) to my pie. If i search for it in the normal search i can find it but when i choose to add a slice and search for it wont appear

This will be due to it not being fractional yet! :grin:

See it’s missing the wee blue “F” to indicate so.

Oh… i wasn’t aware of that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, this really makes trying to compare investment strategies a pain. I like to have groups of investments running in a practice account to see how certain strategies play out against others, and grouping them into pies is the only way to do that.

What would be nice instead of needing them to be fractional and use pies, is simply to be able to set groups and have a total gain on that group. No bells and whistles, just being able to say, “high risk group” “covid recovery group” etc and see a running total gain for each set so its easy to track progress.

Otherwise I need to somehow tally the gains of 70 stocks to see which strategy is working better if I have a few strategies playing out.